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Стъпка 1 - Създайте портфейл

Можете да свалите портфейла с цялата блокова верига: official Bitcoin Gold Core, да използвате мобилен портфейл за Андроид Coinomi или да генерирате публичен ключ в криптоексчейндж, например Bittrex.

Стъпка 2 - свалете софтуер за копаене

For Nvidia GPU's we recommend miniZ and Funakoshi miners.
Quick start - Download ready to go version of the GPU Miner (archive password - 2miners).

Стъпка 3 - Редактирайте bat файла

Use YOUR_ADDRESS that you've created on Step 1.
Example: GJjz2Du9BoJQ3CPcoyVTHUJZSj62i1693U
Change RIG_ID in the bat file. Specify the name of the rig as you want it to be shown in miner's statistics page. This field is not mandatory. You could leave it empty.
Maximum 32 characters. Use English letters, numbers and symbols "-" and "_".
Example: rig-1

Settings for miniZ Miner:

miniZ.exe --url --log --gpu-line --extra

Settings for Funakoshi Miner:

funakoshiMiner.exe --algo 144_5 --pers BgoldPoW --server --port 4040 --user YOUR_ADDRESS.RIG_ID --pass x

Миньорски устройства под наем

This pool works with rig rental services and

Settings for

Algorithm: EQUIHASH 144,5
Pool Host:
Workername (-u): YOUR_ADDRESS
Password (-p): x
-pers: BgoldPoW

Settings for

Sometimes Nicehash exits the pool test with en error. Don't worry. We are working with Nicehash every day. 2Miners is officially supported Nicehash pool. Just go ahead and proceed with the order.

Algorithm: ZHASH
Pool Host:
Workername: YOUR_ADDRESS
Password: x

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